WTH. Dashboard and user mapping inconsitency

Brief problem:
One really annoying thing is that a users default dashboard selected in the companion app sometimes gets reset and the user gets the default dashboard.

-I have created several dashboard - one for my wife and each of my children.
-Often my kids complain about their Home Assistant app is not working.
-When troubleshooting it always comes down to that the selected dashboard for the user is lost and thus reverted to default dashboard.
-One even more frustrating thing is that in the companion app it seems as the user has to select it’s preferred dashboard for both Internal / external url.

My suggestions:
-Ideally the selection of the dashboard should not be an end-user setting. It should be set by administrator / forced. This way you also avoid that the user can actually selected another familymembers dashboard that potentially give them access to more than you want to.
-Also I don’t see any typical reason that the user would have 2 different dashboards depending on home / out. At least it should change for both - unless being specifically selected different.

Fixing this would really remove one of the most annoying and returning bad experience - both for my kids and wife. Thus improving the overall WAF with Home Assistant :slight_smile:

This. Exactly.

Along with the ability to completely hide the sidebar for each user administratively as well

Totally agree. No need that normal users should have access to unnessecary stuff.

I think that HA should have a Secure BY Default approach

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