WTH - dev guides on extending configuration of Home Assistant

My understanding is one of the big part of the reason for this WTH month initiative was as a lead-in to Hacktoberfest. The idea being that the community build a prioritized backlog of feature requests so everyone can pull from it then.

Looking at the list of WTH’s there is a ton of requests for exposing core things in the UI, especially among those with high votes. I think it would be great if there was some more guidance around doing that in the dev docs to enable all the upcoming hacking. Unless the HA team would prefer to limit the number of contributions to those areas outside of the core group of developers, if so I understand. But if the hope is that the community will help tackle any and all of the available WTHs then I think there’s a few dev doc gaps to evaluate such as:

  1. How to enhance configuration pages
  2. How to enhance automation/script editor
  3. How to enhance/extend the more-info pop-up and the entity editor
  4. How to enhance/extend the side nav or configuration menu
  5. How to enhance the GUI UI editor
  6. How to enhance extend the integration/device editor UI (ex. how to provide integration-specific options like MQTT has)

I’m sure there’s more. The HA team has been doing an excellent job reading, responding and even tackling these posts, definitely appreciate that. There’s a massive amount of work on this list though so would be good to think about some additional enablement doc for developers to capitalize on the community’s desire to get more things in the UI (since I think that is also very inline with what the HA team wants as well).

No, that is a misunderstanding. This is mainly about annoyances or the actual WTH moments. For feature requests we have a different forum category.

Just to be clear on that :wink:

Quite honestly, we are not looking for “more” contributions at this point. The number of contributions / PR throughput is really high and it is already hard to keep up. Any contribution is welcome of course! (don’t get me wrong there); Especially contributions in helping reviewing PRs, fixing issues or annoyances.

Another helpful way to contribute, is like your WTH here indicates; Documentation. Both the user and developer documentation can use quite a bit of help and contributions. Feel free to improve on it.

Oh ok. I know your PR backlog is quite long but when I read the WTH launch blog post, I thought that’s what you meant by this:

I thought hacktoberfest was a community effort but I may have misunderstood.

Anyway yea I will help with doc where I can and have made contributions (I’m actually mdegat01 on github, I didn’t realize at the time I should’ve picked the same account name on here). For these particular dev doc gaps though I don’t really know how to do them so I can’t really help there unfortunately.

Well, Hacktoberfest puts a lot of additional pressure on the project. So, sure, this helps, as it (hopefully) drives the contributors to this project to focus on usability and our user voice. So this WTH month, is important from that perspective, and can help guiding the contributions for the Hacktoberfest month.

If the project would be pressurized with additional contributions, why not ask the community about it up front :smiley: