About the Month of "What the heck?!" (2020)

Welcome to the Home Assistant month of “What the heck?!”.
Share your “What the heck?!” moment or discuss/vote those of others.

The month of WTH is now closed, no new topics can be created.


  • “I have multiple things! Should I put all my stuff in a single topic?!”

    No, please create multiple, smaller topics. Each topic can be voted on,
    picked up and resolved. Having multiple things stacked in a single forum
    topic, makes resolving, discussing and voting on them hard. There is no
    limitation on how many things one can suggest this month.

  • "Is everything reported going to be fixed/addressed?"

    There is no guarantee that will happen. The goal is to lower the barrier to
    reporting things for one month. Home Assistant still relies on contributors
    to address or improve the project. However, we do think collecting feedback
    this way can tremendously help with the upcoming

  • "I really want this new integration to be implemented, so I can use my
    devices. Is this the right place for it?"

    No, this event is not for requesting new device or services integrations.
    Please use the “Feature Requests” forum category instead.

  • "I’ve found a bug and am comfortable with GitHub. Where should I report my
    issue now?"

    If you are comfortable with using GitHub, please, by all means, file an issue
    report on GitHub

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