WTH do I have to manually reload those parts of HA configs that can be reloaded

Appreciate where we are is a long progression of improvements for yaml configs etc. to GUI configs etc. but is the aim to continue to keep reloading these things manually?

At the very least provide the appropriate reload button on the appropriate config page.

If I make a change to a script or an automation, of course I want to reload after changing something…why make me do it manually?

…asking for a friend.

Because it is a time consuming task. If it reloaded automatically after every change it would be extremely annoying.

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Also, quite often there are interdependence between them. So you want to add a new automation, and start writing that. Then you realise you need a new helper (input_*) to store some data, so you first need to create that. And before finishing it, you also discover that you have to create a few template sensors…
All of the half finished work while you are building this would break or cause a lot of warnings if the files were automatically reloaded each time they were saved.

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I wondered if there would be good technical reason and that’s fine…no auto-reload…got it, but from a useability perspective, there is no reason to have the reload button for automations hidden away in another part of the system when it could be at the top of the automations section.

I did preface my with appreciation from where we’ve come and why all those reloads have “congregated” in the config/server controls section but time to spread them around a little.

Right tools for the right job at the right time.

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I’m not that much annoyed by the place of where the reload buttons are but more about the statically of them. I’d prefer to be able to reload a certain yaml file as well instead of restarting ha for changes to take effect… For example a custom named file that is not obviously part of a certain reloadable group. Another possibility would be, that there is an info box showing which file (s) exactly belong to the group. Maybe also customizable?

Does that make sense?

I don’t really understand what you are trying to explain.
I have split my config in different files (and directories), but it is still pretty obvious if a file is part of the “input_numbers” or “automations” or whatever:

# Some inputs to be used in scripts and automations
input_number: !include_dir_merge_named input_numbers
input_select: !include_dir_merge_named input_selects
input_datetime: !include_dir_merge_named input_datetimes
input_text: !include_dir_merge_named input_texts

# A bunch of other files to be included
automation: !include_dir_merge_list automations
script: !include_dir_merge_named scripts
group: !include groups.yaml

So “reload automations” will reload all the files in the “automations”-dir, as this is where all the automations are configured.
And “reload groups” will reload the “groups.yaml” file, as this is where the groups are defined.

Now, it could be nice to only reload a single file inside the “automations” dir, as there are quite a lot of files there, and it could potentially save some time to only reload the ones that have changed, but it is not a very big issue, at least not for me.

Having a reload button on the same screen where the changes are made never even occurred to me, but now that I hear it, I think it’s a great idea.

This is one of the minor annoyances that the Month of WTH was supposed to uncover. Thanks!