WTH do integrations get released only with "Core" releases

I know that we can’t always do this for all changes as they will not be compatible. However the majority of changes don’t seem to effect integrations directly so why can’t we update integrations independently of the core HA changes

You think it important that you may have to wait (on average) 1.5 weeks before you see a new integration after it is committed to github?

No sometimes I don’t want to pick up a bunch of breaking core changes until I have the time to spend a day making sure it is all still working. However I would like to pick up smaller integration fixes.

Or more recently the other way round I want to pick up all the speed ups without having time straight away to fix up all the breaking changes in integrations. E.g. RFXTRX just had a massive breaking change but the only way to get everything else up to date was to pick it up and spend a day fixing all my automatons. Ideally i’d have picked the other non breaking bits up and waited until a convenient time (i.e. when no one is in the house that relies on HA) to do that work.

So I think your problem is the opposite of what you describe. You asked to be able to update integrations without getting core version changes. Now you say you want to be able to upgrade core features without getting new integration changes.

In any event I think having people post error messages like

I have 0.110 but I upgraded integration X to the 4 July 2020 version and integration Y to the 4 August 202 version but I am on the 5 June 2019 veriosn of integration Z and now it doesn’t work

is a path to madness! Imagine debugging that!

Sure you can use custom components to have different versions of core components. Leave it at that I say.


Equally though having the huge list of breaking changes that we’ve seen on the last few releases can’t be sustainable either? It will mean people stop upgrading to the latest releases.

I’d say if you don’t want to create yourself some mess you definitely should update to the latest version available. The more releases you skip, the bigger hassle you would have with debugging all of breaking changes and custom components. And the less fun you have with the new features that comes out!

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breaking changes are there for a reason. funny enough the more I update the les sbreaking changes I am having. @fi-sch is right. maybe take a day and fix it all and you will be able to update.