WTH do pressing update button doesn't have confirmation

It happenend to me in the past. I’ve started an update without taking care of breaking changes because i wanted to click on “release notes”. The update process is immediately started, no “are you sure you want to start the update ?”.
There’s so much things that are not “one click” but this “dangerous” process of update is a one click thing…


And show that an update is (still) running in the UI. The button changes after clicking, but this is lost when switching views.

If you could file a issue/request in the HA github, the devs can pick up on it and develop a solution to your needs

This you can follow what’s happening in supervisor logs.

Maybe also first a config check? Optionally using the Next version Config Check Add-On?

The updating UI is the one thing that irritates me most with home-assistant… :wink: Press once … something happens … press again … It cancels update (I think)… The only good way to see whats going on is reading the logs, which is kind of not ideal :wink:

@snoekieboe Feature requests does not belong in the repositories, there is a separate section on this forum for that :wink:

And everything UI related (even for the supervisor) is done in the frontend repository.

new day… new things learned :slight_smile:

I’m quite sure this is not a real big deal to implement this, i don’t know anything about TS but I will try to find how to add this and to open a PR !

Oh… sorry @SNoof85 was alerady working on it :frowning:

Haha. Non sorry mate. My frontend dev skill is null so it may took weeks before I end on something that could be merged !
That’s nice like this :blush: