WTH do we only have a scroll to First button in the community? need a scroll to Last too

Please add a scroll down button in the Community threads. This is especially needed on mobile devices, when scrolling with the scroll bar is hardly possible, yet again more necessary on the more popular and hence longer threads.

On mobile you can select the bar and then use the scroll on the pop up window. Also, if you click the gear on that, it’ll bring up a post number you can jump to.

that’s not what I am seeing:

only see a ‘Back’ button if Ive been there before.
Would really be cool to have the scroll to Last button accompanying the scroll to the First button.

click touch the bar at the bottom. I circled it in my image.


how odd, if I do that (have to do it twice but no matter that) I see this:

and still no gear icon. So yeah, I can enter a number there, but that is still all very clumsily.
thanks though for the tip

Yeah, i was wrong about the gear thing. That’s admin controls. The bar has the same control “Jump to”.

ok. And I see the scroll bar in that popup window scrolls much faster than the regular topic scrollbar. SO an improvement certainly.
A workaround though too :wink:

Still faster than the arrow though. That only moves like 10 20 posts at a time.