WTH does autofill for usernames/passwords/2FA codes not work?

Simple: My browser/password manager can autofill my secure unique passwords and 2FA codes for any website, except HA. Why!? :smiley:

It definitely doesn’t work in Safari (Technology Preview) on macOS or iOS, and the autocomplete property is missing: Apple Developer Documentation

Yes please



FYI, I am currently working on this and hope to have it in the next release. Also see the GitHub issue.


I used to have the same issue, but with Bitwarden on Chrome it works fine now

That’s because there’s a polyfill in place that makes bitwarden happy, but that polyfill is only in place on the main login screen (e.g. it won’t work for adding a new user or changing password).

That polyfill does nothing to satisfy Safari/iOS, which requires the autocomplete attribute.

Progress has been made on this issue. Please see this comment on GitHub.

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FWIW I’m still having issues with 1Password on Safari Mobile, though not on the desktop Safari. Both are the latest iOS and macOS versions.

1Password definitely has the right username and password, since login on desktop works fine. But it pastes in on Safari mobile and HA rejects it as incorrect. If I type the exact same letters manually it works.

I don’t have this issue with any other mobile web apps I can think of. Only HA on iOS Safari.

Yes, because this wasn’t implemented.

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