WTH does customize.yaml throw countless errors after restarting

WTH are my logs are always flooded with errors due to references to ‘non-existing’ entities upon startup:

2020-08-20 12:16:33 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.config] Package customize setup failed. Integration <entity X> Integration '<entity X>' not found. (See /config/customize.yaml:3). 

This is simply because these entities use discovery to be set up (for example OZW/MQTT), so they are added in the first 10 seconds after startup.

Seems like a pretty big race condition issue to me.

Especially for these entities the customize.yaml is useful, as they are not part of the configuration elsewhere. And yes, we do want the pretty names and icons.

So to the folks of HA: please either drop the customize.yaml support (yay to configuration using UI) or make it behave nicely.

this whole customize-thing looks like artefact from the past. tbh how some one might think that setting up entity at one place and customuzing it at anither place is comfortable.

btw I saw integratioms which don’t allow to set so basic feature as an icon. So insted of fixing those integrations customize yaml has been invented… another worrkound

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