WTH does Home Assistant not expose vacuum rooms to Google?

I spent some time taking my Xiaomi Roborock off the cloud using Valetudo. The downsides of that is that I now no longer can access the room cleaning via Google directly. Since IFTTT does not work anymore, I cannot use “Ok Google, clean the kitchen” to start my vacuum. I can obviously create a script for each room and then use a Google action, but that is very unflexible. It should be possible to expose rooms to Google, as it has been done here: YouTube with GitHub link in description

“exposing to Google” seems to be a bad idea anyway to me!

Thank you for your concern, but that’s an issue for a different topic :wink:

vacuum entities can be exposed to Google Assitant perfectly fine

Google Assistant - Home Assistant

Sorry, misread. You can do what you want using scripts, and link those to routines.

I know, but it also should be possible to use a trait that automatically passes the rooms to Google so that I don’t have to create a tons of scripts and routines for each room…

Would love to see this baked into HA, I modify the google_assistant component with every HA update and manually add my rooms that triggers a HA script.

+1 on this.

Since this works with the official cloud solution i guess it’s somewhere in how the entity is exposed to google from home assistant it would need to be adressed?