WTH does not Area show everywhere in the UI so i don't have to put the area in the entity name

I have put the area on almost everything i have in HA but when I’m look for a entity or device area is not shown. Like in s dropdown could not Area br shown together with the entity name then I could lose the area name in the entity name.

In general more functions to structure and group things to easier find things and organize.

Agreed. Default entity name should be sensor.area.name if area exists. I went through and added areas to all my zwave devices.


  • Name: Lamp, Area: Master Bedroom
  • Name: Lamp, Area: Game Room

Home assistant entities shows these two entities as light.lamp and light.lamp_2. I think a better solution would be light.Master_Bedroom.Lamp and light.Game_Room.Lamp. This makes it clear which device is which. If an area isn’t defined, HA could fallback to the naming it uses currently.