WTH does the conditional card not allow OR conditions, only ALL?

I would like to show a conditional card if one (or more of) of the conditions is met, not necessarily all.

See for example the below card config.
This will currently only show if there is a pending update for both HA and HACS, but will not show if there is only an update for either HA or HACS.

I would like to use this for alerting purposes based states/thresholds, when the situation is normal nothing should be shown (minimalistic design)
I imagine there could be plenty of other uses as well.

I was able to get it working using an entity filter card. A bit counter-intuitive to have separate card types, but meh.

type: entity-filter
  - entity: binary_sensor.updater
      - operator: '!='
        value: 'off'
  - entity: sensor.hacs
      - operator: '!='
        value: 0
  type: glance
  title: Updates are Available
show_empty: false

EDIT: Added show_empty: false to prevent it showing if no updates at all are available.

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Simply put, we just need an or option for the condition card.


Bump. Could definitely use this about now if someone was kind enough to develop a working and/or statement.

You can make a template sensor for the time being