WTH does the conditional card not allow OR conditions, only ALL?

I would like to show a conditional card if one (or more of) of the conditions is met, not necessarily all.

See for example the below card config.
This will currently only show if there is a pending update for both HA and HACS, but will not show if there is only an update for either HA or HACS.

I would like to use this for alerting purposes based states/thresholds, when the situation is normal nothing should be shown (minimalistic design)
I imagine there could be plenty of other uses as well.

I was able to get it working using an entity filter card. A bit counter-intuitive to have separate card types, but meh.

type: entity-filter
  - entity: binary_sensor.updater
      - operator: '!='
        value: 'off'
  - entity: sensor.hacs
      - operator: '!='
        value: 0
  type: glance
  title: Updates are Available
show_empty: false

EDIT: Added show_empty: false to prevent it showing if no updates at all are available.


Simply put, we just need an or option for the condition card.


Bump. Could definitely use this about now if someone was kind enough to develop a working and/or statement.

You can make a template sensor for the time being

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Thanks for this. I was looking for a solution to the same problem you had and whilst I’d tested it with entity filters, I didn’t like that it still showed the title if there was no entities as it looked really ugly.
I was just missing the show_empty: false option

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