WTH does the dashboard editor keep typing backwards when editing entity names

I guess this is quite cryptic but every now and again when editing something in yaml mode on the dashboard editor it starts typing back to front.
I work around it by typing one letter then moving right but I don’t know what i am doing to cause it…

From what I have read this is an upstream issue with the codeblocks editor Home Assistant uses. It’s beyond the HA developer’s control.


I hear you and I believe you. But I’m still voting for it because it happens to me a bunch and it’s really weird and annoying lol


Another one in the its not something i am doing wrong bucket then, thanks!

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I saw that also a lot but haven’t seen it around a year now I guess. What browser do you use and do you run latest version of browser and HA? Language settings might also kick in. This behavior looks like related with browser RTL support.

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Firefox seems to be the culprit.

Mostly run in Firefox and i think you and @tom_l are thinking the same.

Running latest releases of HA as they come out and it was so annoying i have stopped doing as much playing with custom stuff

Interesting. I also run latest FF (Linux) and as I said, I saw this a lot before but haven’t seen a long time any more.

Can confirm I have run into this issue a few times on Brave, so it’s not just FF.
Also possibly on the Mobile App?

Recently still had this issue using Firefox. Chrome does not seem to have this issue.

Can we find out when they have their WTH month so we can log it there :wink: Happens for me with Firefox, I did think it maybe when clicking into the middle of text that it happened, but have done that without it occurring so :man_shrugging:

Do you happen to have a link to an issue upstream?

And what a blast from the past - I went out to codeblocks’ website to try and find this and was surprised to see some things I hadn’t seen in years. Things like the W3C CSS checkmark, a prominent ‘Get Firefox’ button, etc. They also are still using SVN - I’ve not come across a project still using that in quite some time.

Anyways, I looked through their tickets in SourceForge but didn’t find anything relevant to this issue, but I didn’t do an in-depth search.

No, I followed it from the HA frontend issue ages ago.

This is not isolated to any one particular browser. I’ve had it happen to me while using both Chrome and Firefox…

Happened multiple times to me in FF.
There is a shortcut Ctrl + Shift + X that switches to RtL, which might get triggered when moving text around.

Who thought it would be a good idea to set this shortcut (that gets rarely used) so similar to one that gets used regularly?

This was likely related to codemirror and was bumped to latest in February’s release.

Which fixed my issues that I have been having since June.

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For anyone curious, there’s a Github issue tracking this issue that has received quite a few comments since it was opened back in October of '21.

For me personally, the update to codemirror in the February release made the issue a fair bit better, but hasn’t fully eliminated it.