WTH does the gauge card not have the tap_action option?

Maybe i’m wrong but i can’t get the tap_action option to work on a lovelace gauge card.

This would be nice to have since i’m using the gauge card on a tablet dashboad and would like to use the tap_action to navigate to an other dashboard.

The gauge card is a display element not a control element.

You could probably put the gauge card in a custom-button card.

Yeah but why not e.g. having the gauge displaying battery state of electrical car and start loading via tapping. Would be so nice! :slight_smile:

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I would like to vote for this too.

I’m afraid my response to the following would be really very simple

The gauge card is a display element not a control element.

So what?

It is indeed display only right now (though clicking it does indeed load more info). We’d like it to be more than that. I’ve actually found myself wanting this a great many times in quite a lot of use cases over the years. I’d love to add the functionality in a PR but I’ve learnt that the HA bar for getting new functionality accepted is so incredibly high I just can’t tell if it’s ever worth attempting to contribute anymore :frowning:

If someone were to do the work to add tap and hold actions, implemented following whatever patterns and standards are already implemented for cards with this functionality in place already, and with existing More Info functionality maintained on the tap action by default, does anyone know if such a PR would actually be accepted, or would we just be wasting our time?

You missed month of WTH by 6 months.

Open a feature request.

I’d be happy to. But again, I remain apprehensive that the project stakeholders would be open to such a contribution. And if I’m being honest, a dismissive response from a moderator to the questions and points I’ve just raised feels more like a confirmation that such apprehension is well founded than a reassurance that my time would not be wasted trying :frowning: