WTH: Does the Home Assistant website not support dark mode

The forums, frontend, apps, data/dev/companion docs all support dark mode. Now we need the homepage and docs :slight_smile:

If you ask me…dark mode all the things!

Yeah, the blog doesn’t look good at all in my dashboard right now

Why is there only a vote button and no downvote button?

You should make a separate WTH about that? Is this anyhow related with this one? :smiley:

Yes, I absolutely don’t want the Home Assistant website unreadable by having it in black background.

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You realize that in dark mode the background and font colors need to change so its still legible right? that the whole point :slight_smile:

I don’t know why people are so fond of dark mode these days. It reminds me of my first pc where you could choose between a black background and green fonts, or black background and cyan fonts, but you had to choose when you bought the monitor, changing afterwards was buying a new monitor. Now people want to go back to 30 year ago.


Fair enough. I would also like to have a dark mode, not a black webpage. There are definitely use cases where white background works much better like in bright daylight.

Typically the way dark mode is implemented in websites is that it just matches your OS appearance.

So if you don’t use/like dark mode in your operating system you wouldn’t see it here either.


I just find the white backgrounds to be so bright and we already know they are not good for battery life, darker colors work better for battery life and not to mention night time reading. To each their own honestly its good to offer both to users I think.

That’s only true of OLED screens. For any other type of screen (the majority, for now), the color displayed does not affect energy consumed, only the backlight brightness does.

the vast majority of flagships are in OLED now though…thats the new trend for the past couple of years

Yep. Samsung started it wayy ahead of time and it has been a staple feature of flagships.