WTH Does the Map Show When the Device Left the Home Zone and Not the Last Update Time of the Location?

In the map, if you click on a tracked device, the timestamp shown will be when it last changed zone (so most likely home to away). What would be more useful would be if it showed the time of the last updated location, so you had an idea of how old that location is. I don’t need to know that the device has been away for 8 or hours or whatever, but knowing the location is only ten minutes old at a glance is more useful.

If that timestamp could be made a sensor or similar natively (I know it can be done with a template), or even just added to the attributes of the location, then even better.

Totally agree. Presence detection is something I am not able to get close 100% reliable and not being able to debug it by seeing when a tracked device last updated is a pain and not intuitive.

Not sure what you guys are talking about, it already does this. As long as the device_tracker has a GPS location, the time on the screen is the last time it got an update for said location.

EDIT: Maybe you don’t know you have to hover over it?

for further clarification, theres 2 properties on state objects for time in HA. Last updated and Last Changed.

I am referring to the map.
When you open the map, if you hover over one of the locations you just get the full name - nothing else.
If you then click on the map object it just says the time the zone changed, not when the location last updated. Attached is a screenshot - I know that location is not an hour old as I have seen it move.

HA Map Example

Hover over 1 he ago :wink:

That doesn’t work on a phone in either the app or browser. Fine on my desktop.

Why should I need to hover over it though? Knowing the time someone left the zone I would say is a marginal use case, it would be a lot more useful to have the time of the last location update in that space.

Or at least add it to the Attributes drop down, which currently shows lat, long, accuracy and source.

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I’m not arguing against your wth. I’m telling you how it currently works :wink:

I just noticed that too
why having a timer for last zone left, when the zone left isn’t even shown?

Totally agree. At least add it to the attributes so it can be shown in the mobile app.

Edit: I actually managed to view it in the mobile app. When you hold the time to highlight it and then drag the finger away it sometimes shows the hover information. Or more reliably I can view it using the S-Pen of my Samsung smartphone. Anyway, it should be more present in the UI.

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