WTH does the Tuya integration brightness not match actual brightness

I’ve been using Tuya lights for a while now, and they are not modded/flashed/whatever. So I’m using the default Tuya integration.
What’s bugging me is the fact that the brightness in HA is not matching the actual brightness. Actually, anything below brightness 28 won’t turn on the light at all.

This been adressed and fixed in the Tuya Custom integration https://github.com/ollo69/ha_tuya_custom (which was created when the Tuya status would switch back to the old state). The state switch has been corrected in the original Tuya integration, but the brightness mismatch was not.

For me not even the color match.

If I use Google to turn on the light then wait the mandatory 10-15 minutes (or hours…) before the state is updated in HA (not a fault of HA though) then I get 100% brightness and white color.
And in real life the color is red and about half brightness.