WTH does the visual yaml editor break the lines after 80 characters when you can edit longer lines?

When editing yaml in the visual editor, the editor breaks all lines after 80 chars for some reason.
It’s fully capable of displaying more in a line but still reformats it to 80 chars then line break after loading/saving.

I’m noticing the same thing. Did you ever find a solution? It’s getting to be VERY frustrating having to manually reformat it every time I want to make a change, just so that I can actually read it. I’m surprised more people haven’t mentioned it.

In a storage mode, a code which a user sees in a Yaml Editor is an auto-generated code from json.
After saving changes, the new yaml code is again converted to json.
While converting json->yaml some rules are used for presenting long lines. Most probably a user will not see an originally formatted yaml.
To always have an original yaml (with your nice formatting, comments) - use a yaml mode instead of a storage one.

I gave up on the visual editor and “exported” all of my formatting sensitive scripts to a separate file that only use a separate editor for instead. (see linked post)

One part of the problem also is that even if you don’t touch that specific formatting sensitive script, if you touch anything else included in the same yaml file it all gets scrambled when saved.

It’s not an elegant solution but it works for me. All of my tts scripts that are formatting sensitive are placed in a external, seperate file and never touched by the gui editor.

Hmmm… That’s frustrating. I’m new to HA, and new to Yaml (Currently swithcing over from OpenHab), so it’s nice to be able to switch back and forth between the visual editor, and the Yaml editor.

This will be good to know down the road, though, once I’m a little more familliar with Yaml.


just registered to say that this behaviour is beyond frustrating. this needs to be top priority. How are people writing complicated scripts at all? o.O its not even consistent. sometimes it just wrappes lines sometimes it puts it in “” this is a horrific user experience.

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Most people that write complicated scripts do so in yaml mode, using one of the text editing add-ons.

Still, the included option for editing, breaks yaml syntax under some predictable, but undocumented, circumstanses.

Thats a pretty rough leasson for newcomers (and others) trying to sort things.
That the supplied option for editing config breaks the required formatting without warning.

I create semi complicated logics but I like the most part to be in the visual editor. This linebreaking is just very irritating.