WTH Doesn't HA tell me the breaking changes for my install

It would be cool if the update config flow cross-referenced the integrations I have installed with the integrations with breaking changes and notified me.

Doesn’t necessarily have to detect if I would actually be affected by the breaking change - happy to work that out for myself.

Solutions with increasing complexity:

  • Cross check enabled integrations with integrations listed in breaking
  • As above but confirm at least one entity exists for the integration
  • As above but confirm at least one entity is included in an automation, scene, template, dashboard or event subscriber (maybe use the logic from the ‘related’ tab?) → this confirms a breaking change could actually have user noticeable consequences
  • As above but confirm that the entity would actually be altered by the change → Unless running the new + old versions simultaneously in some A/B mode this would require integration devs do to some additional logic when they implement breaking changes and could make for a lot of ugly, deprecated code so I think this is a step too far.

I’d also like that when there is an issue with an integration with the latest release that isn’t shown in the breaking changes that is later found out after the release to indicate other users are having issues with this. e.g. switchbot had an issue with dual curtains this month, songpal previous month and wasn’t mentioned other in github issues or the discussion.

+1 from me.

A statement like https://twitter.com/Frenck/status/1572105561818152960 and the fact that you still have to check for breaking changes are a bit in conflict, which still makes me a bit uncertain if I can update without issues.

An auto-check, or no need at all to check for breaking changes would help a lot. I think updating Home Assistant should feel like updating any app on your mobile phone.

I think that would also help “regular/main stream” users who not check release notes often and just doing an update.