WTH doesn't nuba casa provide a "paid" cloud backup solution

At the moment I use Google drive as a cloud backup solution.
I’m not interested in in HA Cloud because I want to be in control,
the only thing I would be interested in is Cloud Backup. Because my backups shouldn’t be on premise only.

And I’m not saying is should be free of costs.

I imagine, given free options, like Google drive, there wouldn’t be enough take up to justify it.

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Also it’s about keeping it local

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I don’t want to keep my backups entirely local, I want to encrypt them and store them off-premise


Normally you want offsite backups. In case your house Burns down.
But now I think about it. How important is a HA backup when your house burned down?
Probably afterwards you will have all new hardware. For now I think offsite is the way to go.

Kind of morbid. Alternatively, what if your SDCard dies? Happens a lot, wouldn’t want your backups to die with it. Your house and all your other stuff is still there after all.

If my house did burn down HA definitely isn’t the priority. Although assuming I survived the event I imagine eventually I’d get back to regular life and home automation. I’m sure some part of my backups would be junk by then but at the very least I want my automations and scripts back. None of that is in any way hardware or device specific, just need rooms with lights, outlets, media players and such.

On separate hardware is what makes sense. In cloud has as only benefit you don’t need separate hardware but let’s face it… a USB stick is not THAT expensive.

So rather having a usb drive (stick/ssd/magicalcreaturewritingall) mounted as the backup folder would make more sense.

I run my HA instance inside VM on Synology. I have an addon to make regular backups into Syno NAS, a separate job copies backup files on my PC (when it’s on - dona via syno’s sync program) and i also periodically connect external USB HDD to make additional backup in case if syno dies to have a non-connected copy. That’s it and quite enough for my needs. I’m not a fan of any cloud based things.
But, as you guys already said: if my house burns down then HA will be very last on my mind…