WTH doesn't the android companion work with more than one HA when ios does?

Sort of a rehash of this WTH from 2020. As it now stands the iOS companion app can work with multiple HA instances and you can easily switch between them, I know this because my wife does this on her phone!

I, however, am not beholden to the Apple and have cast my hardware vote with Android devices. The companion app, which I use all the time, does not have the ability to switch easily between HA instances. As I currently manage several (because of vacation rentals) this is a major pain point for me as I have to either log out of my home HA and into my target one, or I keep a browser tab open on my phone to the target instances (which is my current method).

It’s a major rewrite of the app. Also all contributors are volunteers who haven’t had the time to implement. Someone needs to step up if they really want the feature.

There are also 4 different versions of the app one can install today to access multiple HA. There are also apps on Android that let you clone the app to have more as well. So you are not completely stuck with 1 instance.


The 2023.3 update adds support for multiple instances: