WTH doesn't the integration instance list expand when I have a lot of the same kind?

I have a lot of ESPhome devices which are all listed and displayed inside a small window under the ESPhome integration. Having to scroll and pick inside that tiny window is not great. Other integrations that have several instances like Steam or Google Calendars also suffer from this problem. On mobile this list is always expanded and it is much simpler to use. Would be cool to have it expandable in browser too. Maybe a masonry style layout could work for integrations? Or an ability to expand one card over others.

Yeah, I could go for this. I have nine Wiz smart lights. All in a little scroll box that only shows 3 at a time.

Maybe not necessarily showing it all the time, but allowing us to click on the main box, which then opens a popup with all the sub-items?

Expanded or open another page where you have the list of those integrations.

On another note, the integrations list is the only place to rename an integration. When you click an integration open (where you can see all the devices and entities), you don’t see the integration name anywhere that was on the list. I’m not saying that the integration name should be linked to the device name (that could introduce other issues), but the integration name should be shown on that integration’s dedicated page and should be possible to rename there as well.

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I vote for this too! It would be great if there were a way to expand the tiny tile to the full list like it is on mobile. I’ve been working on my ESPHome devices a lot and often go to the device page to see the values being reported… and it is pretty annoying to use the tiny tile.

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I badly need this too. I have many integrations with lots of entities in a small box that needs to be scrolled and is not easy to navigate. This is most obvious with integrations like ESPHome where I have over 120 devices and all condensed into a tiny little box.

Even a simple solution like clicking the integration header/logo to bring you to a full page layout listing all the entities under that integration would be a huge improvement.

Alternatively reducing the number of integrations horizontally to 3/4 would increase the size of the boxes which would also help. Or ideally allow the whole integrations page to be customised like Masonary or Sidebar where you could pick the integration from the sidebar and have all related entities listed in the main view.

Is it possible to do some css or js injection to make it better?

For now I do use mobile view in developer menu in the browser, but something nicer, if someone already figured out how to workaround, would be nice.