WTH dont we have Bluetooth speakers

Couldn’t we have an addon or integration to be able to connect Bluetooth speakers as media players ?
Everyone haves Bluetooth speakers that would love to connect to HA

Would love to see that working! Want to use my Bluetooth speaker as an alarm with home assistant, but right now its too complex…


Still nothing? Any useful in hacs?

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still nothing I’m aware off :frowning:

You just need to find a media player that support Bluetooth and set it up.
HA’s media player entity is not a media player, but a front for a media player.

Even MPD can be set up to Bluetooth sound.

I’m interested in setup directly in HASSIO . I’m running HA in a raspberry PI and I would want to directly stream to the bluetooth speaker

What I tried to say was that HA is more of a leader/organizer than a worker.
HA figures out what is needed and then tells someone else to do it.

You want HA to stream to your bluetooth speaker, but HA does not stream at all to anything.
You can have a media folder, but all that does is put the file up on the web service, so a browser can reach it.There is no transcoding or other changes done.

correct and aware of it.
I’m looking into a addon (container) to run in the same machine , like the others from the community :wink:
It would then be used by HA as the other dockers are …

Seems that someone already got it up and running in HA through ALSA: