WTH: drag and drop cards

Why is not possible to drag and drop cards, instead of using the tedious and “unpredictable” up and down arrows to rearrange the cards? (I said “unpredictable” because the behaviour is not that intutive, the card always goes where you don’t expect it when you have multiple columns).

Thanks, and sorry if this was already discussed.

It has been discussed kind of. But it is coming soon. Two PRs are current open


Also when you press up/down an animation of the card moving would be nice.

Or just getting rid of the arrows :slight_smile:


Well arrows would be a good alternative, especially since on laptops trackpads can be hard to use.

I would like this too! I can never get on fully with the arrows.


It would be also nice to be able to simply resize cards from gui (just stretch/shrink ti). Sometimes lot of space is used by card which doesn’t shows much


Yeah a more configurable dashboard based on visual edits would be awesome. Making cards smaller / larger and drag/dropping them in the right spots.


Push! It’s really annoying, when you add a card to a view that already contains 10+ cards… clicky galore to get it to the top…

Ya this is definitely needed. I don’t even bother trying to figure out the up/down nonsense anymore, its too frustrating, I just use the custom layout card in every UI.

What are the PRs? Can someone link to them? Would be curious to see the plans. I always kind of hoped thomasloven’s card solution would get worked into core. But as an actual layout option in panels, not as a custom card like it is today.