WTH Easy Grafana dashboard integration into Lovelace

InfluxDB and Grafana make a perfect couple to beatifully visualize data. It would be really cool if these dashboards could be easily integrated into Lovelace.

Good one. Don’t forget to vote for your own WTH.

just a few additional thoughts:

So the grafana dashboard should be integrated as natively as possible. Ideally it would update values as they are available. Very cool would be the possibility to adjust the timeframe for a dashboard from within home assistant.

One addition: Maybe it would be possible to align the design of Grafana to the Lovelace UI color scheme.

Biggest issue I had with grafana was that it’s graphs on the HA dashboard needed logging in everytime I interrupted the session.


Yeah I used to set up a session by visiting the Grafana addon then going to my Lovelace dashboard of graphs. Until I realised that was stupid and now just go to the Grafana Dashboard to view the graphs.

It’s not a major problem to insert the entire grafana view via iFrame. (It would be nice to be able to imbed individual graphs more easily as a lovelace card, though).

The big thing that apparently is broken on the Grafana side is the ability to have the grafana view work correctly via ingress when you are not on the same network as the grafana server. This will be tough to fix as it’s apparently a Grafana problem…