WTH - Easy Timers for switches and so on

Add a simpler way to use a timer to turn off a light.
Turn off the light after 20 minutes… or the next time turn off the light after 30 minutes…
At the moment you have to create a number helper, a timer and two automations to realise that.

A simple timer and action input control on every light and switch are great.
Set the action “on/off/toggle” and the time hh:mm:ss to start a temporarily timer for the current entity.

Hi, have you found a way to do something similar?
The idea seems quite useful.

Fully agree. I needed to switch on a plug for xx minutes, but couldn’t find an easy “one time” Timer solution but only Blueprints that generates a permanent automation.

It would be great to have a simple card with an entity selector, a timer input and a button. You just select the entity you want to drive, set the time and click on the button to toggle the state for the specified duration before toggling it back to initial state.