WTH: EnergyDashboard: Add a DatePicker

Pls. add a Date-Picker to the Energy Dashboard which allows a faster selection of a specific date from the past.
Right now, you have to navigate “day by day” - which can be a long thing if you want to go back to a date several months ago :slight_smile:


I was thinking of this just yesterday. Also a custom comparison would be nice, like to compare this November with last November.

This WTH should get more attention!

  • 1 for this. I’d like to be able to pick a date instead of going day by day.
    Also for comparison it should be nice if we can choose to compare against a day, month or year of your choice.

Technically, the current system IS a date picker of some sort.

Select the “year” tab, and then browse to the year you want.
Then select the “month” tab, and browse to the month you want.
Then select “day”, and browse to the day you want.

That works good enough for me to browse to a certain day in the past.

But I second the request for a “custom period picker”. Like “from 15 Aug 2022 until 15 Aug 2023”.
I don’t believe this is possible right now.

along with your suggestion, the multiple asked ability to set “start of billing cycle”

Home Assistant 2023.11! :jack_o_lantern: They finally implemented the Date picker, now I can compare my utility usage to HA measurements!!

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