WTH: Finally reliable, restorable backups by not corrupting the default recorder database (SQLite) during backup creation anymore

…cause our (long-term) data is the basis of our smart homes!

My first very negative experience with HA back in the days: corrupted database.
Up to now they are still (almost) useless and a pain in the beep to fix (if possible at all).

Everything is said here:

In the end I only have one question:

Assuming those will finally fix this, what about


When will they finally arrive in a productive release? Or did they meanwhile, silently?

Since having long term statistics and building powerful things like the energy dashboard with it, people have something to loose when the database is corrupt. The old sentence “Just start from scratch!” (which is what happens automatically) is a slap in the face nowadays.

So I really would love to kick my additional paranoia step (if you’re gone trough 3 database restoration processes and care for your data, you will get paranoid automatically) run every now and then, usually before a monthly HA Core update:
ha core stop; cp /config/home-assistant_v2.db /backup/home-assistant_v2_BU_$(date +%F\_%H%M%S).db; ha core start

They were both merged 10 months ago… I guess if you’re not aware, if something is merged then it is included in next major release. So in this case that was 2022.2.0 (and obviously every release after that).

Sometimes commits are cherry picked into a patch release of the previous major version. One of those has the cherry picked tag so it actually came out even before 2022.2, was in one of the patches of 2021.12

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