WTH Generic Thermostat preset modes are predefined and can't be changed

This is a case for one specific integration but it fits well into WTH category IMHO. Generic Thermostat has five predefined presets with fixed names and then there are named parameters to configure target temp like:

    away_temp: 10
    comfort_temp: 20
    home_temp: 19
    sleep_temp: 18
    activity_temp: 22

Would be much better to let user define a preset names and configure it like this:

    away: 10
    comfort: 20
    away_but_expensive_energy: 5
    away_but_very_cheap_energy: 15

And maybe extend it in the future when multiple parameters are needed for every preset

      temp: 10
      temp: 20

My head always explodes when I try to remap my use cases to these five existing names because I always like to split a preset to three versions depending on energy price:

  • extra cheap - heat much more (but in case I’m home, not too much)
  • normal
  • too expensive - avoid heating but still keep minimum usable temp for this use case.

Depending on preset the difference with “normal” could be 1-2⁰C or even 10⁰C.