WTH - homekit_controller support for 4 fan speeds

I know there are some technical difficulties with implementing this, but just throwing it out there…

Using homekit_controller, only 3 fan speeds are supported. My (Hunter SIMPLEconnect) fan natively supports 4 speeds. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for all 4 speeds to be supported in HA!

A better title is probably “WTH does HA only support 3 fan speeds”, as if it was up to me homekit_controller would have supported all fan speeds that HomeKit does from the point I added it. The real WTH is (IMO) here. I don’t know how to unblock this, and my hands are tied right now until it is, unfortunately.

While my fan issues are not HomeKit specific, I definitely would like to overcome the 3-speed limitations.

@Jc2k @DiscoJeff I didn’t realize HA was limited to 3 speeds. I have 4 speeds for my Lutron Caseta fan controllers. But maybe that is because I’m using the upsert/ lutron-caseta-pro custom integration?

Exactly. Officially its off/low/medium/high. An official integration shouldnt have any others, but some do because they got lucky in code review. Of course those don’t integrate properly - alexa/homekit/etc dont work as well for the spec breakers.