WTH I can't get state history in Developer Tools -> States

When troubleshooting Developer Tools -> States is very useful. I can get a list of all entities and all states, however I can’t click on an entity and get the history graph to popup. If I need to see the current state of an entity, it would also be useful to easily know what the state was in the past.

In the current implementation of Developer Tools -> States, Clicking the entity in the table brings up the form on the top of the table to manually change the state, but the clicking the state does nothing. I think a way of implementing this request would be to change the UI so that clicking the entity will generate the history graph pop up, and clicking the state will bring up the form to change the state.

It works for me…
Do you click on the (i) to the left of the entity?

Strange. I have been using Home Assistant for years and didn’t even know that I could do that. Thanks!

@hellis is correct, clicking the (i) brings up the more (i)nfo dialog

Closing because there’s already a solution.

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