WTH, I can't resize cards

My main dashboards mostly contain generic thermostats (one for each room), however as those cards are extremely big I don’t have much room for other information.
I’d like to be able to resize every card so I could fit more information on my dashboards.

until something changes in HA core, have a look at this:

Thanks but this card doesn’t work for me as I want to see the current temperatures from a distance.
There are multiple alternatives that each do a specific thing better but the generic thermostat card is overall still the best solution.


YES!! We MUST have visual size settings. One size does not fit all - especially those who are visually challenged.

I’ve been struggling with this as well! E.g. maps card are way to tiny. It would be good to at least have the option to choose a ratio, let’s say 2x of normal size, that way it will still work ok as a responsive UI on smaller screens. Also choosing “full width” would be super useful, and easy to adapt to screen sizes (responsive UI.) :smiley:

with maps you can change the size by changing the aspect ratio 0.5:1 etc. If you want it larger you can add a new view with a sidebar, then use the stack card to make it wider :slight_smile:

Lovelace is a really nice way to create a dashboard, but on technology level, it is outdated.
If you have ever created dashboards in software like Graphana or others, you knwo, how limited the options are that you have with lovelace - and how hard it is to create nice looking dashboards.

I would really love to see a dashboard, that can a) use drag and drop (which is already a wth topic) - but also to arrange the size of your cards in a more flexible way - without the need of additional cards and mods.

Add me to the list here. This makes me crazy that every card decides what size (height) it wants to be… I spent a day with various HACS add-ons that promised to let me specify the card height. None worked as documented.

OK if that is the way it has to be, then give me a blank card where I can specify the height and I can add them as “spacers” to line everything up.

@ur7x have you resolved the card height issue?

No this issue has not been resolved.

How bout now?

Nope… cards are the size that HA says that they are…
I’ve learned to live with cards all over the place… It is how the HA design team thinks they look best.