WTH I can't send TTS messages to multiple areas (or devices) at the same time?

It only allows a single entity at a time, and groups aren’t dynamic enough for every situation.

It would be great to have a selector like this:

The GUI doesn’t do it for you but you just need commas between the entities, no spaces as a workaround.

However I also think the GUI should support this.

service: tts.google_say
  entity_id: >-
  message: Someone is at the door.
  cache: true

Also I recommend using the cache option when doing this so it reuses the resposne.


The target selector should be in as many places as possible, so it’s easier to pass devices between scripts and blueprints. Example: You may turn a light on and apply an effect with target selector, but if you want to save the previous state using scene.create, then you have to send a list of entities.

But thanks for the info, I’ll get the entities out of an area with templates!

Sadly, I still find the TTS messages to not be synchronized throughout the house with this technique. Still the painful reverberating echo.