WTH - Integration is offline and I had no idea

I would like a consistent way to get notified that an integration is “offline”. I understand that different integrations communicate with their devices or services in different way but there should at least be a way for a integration to report that it is not working or have contact with whatever it is supposed to have contact with.

For example; if a webservice is offline or reports authentication failure that failure should surface into the notification area to notify me that it is not working

For some critical integrations I have written custom automations that looks for specific logmessages and surface those errors but I think this should be part of the “core platform”.

Agreed. This happens with various integrations and I’ll all of a sudden notice that I haven’t heard xyz in a while… oh, integration is failing!

To me, nothing builds confidence in a solution more than good error notifications. If something failed, I should be notified immediately.

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