WTH: Integration removed instead of fixed? Orange Livebox Play TV

This may sound like a whinge but first let me say that I value what HA developers and users do 110% every day, I realise that it’s a huge task to keep supporting all the device integrations in Home Assistant and I understand there isn’t a lot of time for everyone’s wishes to be granted.

In 106 the Orange Livebox Play TV integration was removed, because the TV guide was scraped from another site.

Orange Livebox Play TV** - The Orange Livebox Play TV integration has been removed. A change to the site scraped with this integration has changed, causing the integration to break. This integration violated our design decisions and is therefore removed. - (@frenck - #31525 ) (breaking change)

The integration actually worked for controlling the Livebox and monitoring its status (which in my case fired off other automations).

Why was it just dropped and not fixed? If this had been something like Spotify there would have been a riot!

I know I’m a minority but we lambast other platforms when they suddenly cut off a service. Can’t we at least have a notice period where we can try to persuade someone to fix it rather than it just be deleted?

ADR-0004 covers reasons why it was removed, mainly because it uses webscraping. You’re welcome to fork the component as a custom integration and continue it’s use there, but it violates the ADR.