WTH integrations are not listed alphabetically (by card headers)?

Guys, WTH integrations are not listed alphabetically on Integrations config view?
(I mean listed by card headers – which are most prominent on the page).

They are.

Oh really?

They seem to be indeed sorted alphabetically, but not by integration name (most visible, card header), but by component name. This is still a UX defect.

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I totally Agree. Your “Bojka” should be sorted under B, not under O for “ONVIF”.

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Yes really. They are sorted alphabetically by integration name.

As I said, still a clear UX issue. List should be sorted by card names as they are most prominent.
If those are not ‘integration names’, then either an ‘integration name’ should become a card header, or sorting logic should be changed to respect ‘card name’ (or let’s say ‘config entry’).

HA team says about “streamlining experiences” and making HA easier to use for non-techical people. This is one of things that can be confusing and could be improved.

Moreover, please take a look at the screenshot below. I opened a context menu for particular integration. Option that I’m hovering on (grey background) says “Change name”.
Guess what I will be changing in a pop-up that will appear after selecting that option.


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agree with @fi-sch

Well you wont be changing the fact that the integration is called “Onvif”.
You asked

You have been shown that they are in fact sorted alphabetically by the name of the integration used.


Oh yes, you are the man. Thanks for pointing out that I misunderstood HA language because of bad UX on Integrations view.

Now, is it at least clear what I meant initially?

No need to get upset. I’m merely explaining what you are seeing.

Not sure what the beef is about but as we all agree what is meant, and that it’s a good WTH request, could you just update the description in the first post? :slight_smile:

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Will certainly do :slight_smile: