WTH iOS update breaks notify.mobile_app service

After every iOS Update, I need to adapt the service name “notify.mobile_app_ipadx” to reflect the new name.
Which means that my automations that include iOS Mobile App Device Notification frequently fail and are unreliable.
Would be really nice if HA could detect those name changes and notify in the new and awesome “repair” area.

isn’t it because you didn’t set ‘device name’ in app settings?
You can find it by clicking your profile icon under Companion app settings

I JUST got done dealing with this about 10 minutes ago. It worked for years then suddenly the service name changed.

My understanding is that it’s supposed to default to the phone name in iOS but that doesn’t appear to happen or maybe there was a breaking change there.

no anymore after ios16

Thanks for the Hint!

Device Name was filled, but “Name” was left empty.
Put the same Text in Name, now I will wait for next iOS Update.

I believe the “Name” field is the name of the server (ie Home), but the device. Device is only “Device Name”.

afaik notify service is named after device name.

It’s fixed for me since the last update Release 2022.10.1 - October 6