WTH is a "Quirk" in the Zigbee integration UI/GUI? Suggest instead calling that a "Device Handler", “Device Converter”, or “Device Translator” in ZHA UI/GUI frontend side

Please consider renaming “Quirk” to be called “Zigbee Device Handler” or “Device Handler” instead in the UI/GUI frontend (as listed under “Device info”) of the Zigbee Home Automation integration.

I feel that “Zigbee Device Handlers” or just “Device Handlers” (as in a handler for Zigbee devices) is both correct terminology and might be a little more self-explanatory for ZHA users than only “quirks”?

Other terms that could probably be equally valid to use would be “Device Converter” or “Device Translator” as a quirk’s function is to convert or translate firmware quirks into standard Zigbee specs.


Anyway, I believe that any of the terms “Device Handler”, “Device Converter”, or “Device Translator” should also be much better sentenced for localization if easier to translate than “quirk” as a word on its own?

Though using if “ZHA Device Handler”, “ZHA Device Converter”, or “ZHA Device Translator” was used in the GUI then that could maybe lead to that term being used by more ZHA users for increased community knowledge even if makes for a longer string(?).

Regardless I feel “quick” as a word alone without any related context in the same sentence is both nondescriptive as well as not being industry standard terminology.

Quirks as terminology for the internal function of the integration code can (and will) of course still continue to be used terminology internally in core and for the development of quirks for ZHA.






FYI, “device handler” and “custom device handler” terminology is also used by Samsung SmartThings (classic):




Zigbee2MQTT and IoBroker on the other hand instead use “Converter” as terminology for “Zigbee-Herdsman Converters”:


This would definitely fit into the streamlining the experience idea

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