WTH is current consumption and production not being calculated / shown

Entities that provide the statistics input for the hourly solar, battery and grid consumption/production usually update more frequently than once every hour.
It would be nice to be have home assistant calculate the current active consumption of the home in an pulsating bars for the current hour or something like this (which I set up via template sensors):

One thing that might make this a little bit difficult to display is if the integrations for the different power types report at a largely different interval.
Currently I have the dsmr reader integration set to 10 seconds update interval and the solaredge modbus multi device integration set to 1 seconds update intervals.
With the “verbruik” template entity only updating when the grid entity is updated (to keep the values in sync and prevent an more recent solar update to result in negative power consumption).

Bars representing the current hours consumption could also be regurlarly updated by subtracting the latest statistics value of an entity from the current value of the entity.

Why would you want this?
Well because since introducing this functionality in an custom dashboard the other users in my home are becoming more aware of their power consumption.
It’s even becoming an “hunt” to explain where the “hidden” consumption (that cannot be explained by smart outlet measured values) comes from.
Which is more easily done if they are able to turn on a device and only wait a couple of seconds to see what it does to their consumption (Which is not that easily done when you have multiple entities that could be responsible for providing a small part of the entire house demand)