WTH is HACS not an inbuilt integration

Not sure if this has been covered already but it would be great to see HACS as an inbuilt integration.

Or at least the concept of Community Add-ons, similar to the Supervisor Add-ons capability.

With all the necessary disclaimers of course.

While i agree it should be built into HA, there could then be the implication that as a custom integration/card is now supported. Most will agree its not but some will see it that way.
Like you mention if implemented then all the warnings need to be made upfront

Gets my vote.


As a comparison, my Synology NAS has a section for

  • All Packages
  • Beta Packages
  • Community

The implications are clear for each in terms of trust, stability, etc.


I have brought this up a few times and I can see both sides. The developer has gone to great lengths to simplify the installation of HACS vs what it use to be and there are complex hoops as well as size issues that have to be considered when considering having it being part of the initial installation of HA which at first may not seem to be that big of deal but many people run HA on many different machines and scenarios and not everyone needs or even wants HACS.

With that said, I too hope someday HACS can be better integrated into HA even if that just means a single button click install after the initial installation or any time thereafter.

Without going too heavily in to solution mode, one option may be to manage community repositories and integrations the same as Hassio (Supervisor) which is already capable of doing this at a Docker level. Official vs Community Add-Ons.

The Supervisor UI concept could be brought in to the Integrations section of HA. This would be a great feature IMO.

I cant find the post by Ludeus outlining his reasons for not including HACS in the core, but there is one somewhere.

Agree it would be great to have this included as "community* supported

I can’t remember the exact reason he said either, but potentially that reason may no longer be valid now that he is staff :man_shrugging: