WTH is happening with the Waze Travel Time sensor?

It has been broken for a very long time now just look at the GitHub issue https://github.com/home-assistant/core/issues/22022

Strange it seems to be working fine for me…
There is one bug that is more of a waze/ha thing if the gps if the origin and destination are the same place there is a nonetype error.

happy to help figure what I am doing differently.

The log displays this error

Error on retrieving data: empty response

We can suppress the error but the error is coming from them. Nothing can be done as we don’t own the api.

EDIT: To elaborate. We send a request. The request is ‘hey get me the drive time between here and there’. They respond with “I got nothing”. We log everytime they say “I got nothing”. The common causes of this is incorrect latitude and longitude. Every now and then the API sends this error even if the information is correct. And to clarify about the API, it’s 100% controlled by Waze, so we are unfortunately held to whatever they send us.


Not sure how you are formating the Origin and destination, have you tried using a zone?


- platform: waze_travel_time
    name: "Steven Commute - to work"
    origin: zone.home
    destination: zone.steven_work
    region: 'US'
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Yep it works the example in the docs still shows an address though and it did work with an address at some point

it still works with addresses, but the format has to be a good address format.

It was working with the addresses I had until 0.89 thats why I thought it was broken, can you provide an example of proper format?