WTH is it annoying to change a two digit hour (12) into a single digit hour (06)?

In the automations/scripts maker, the hour is at “12” by default. The initial click highlights the hour block and I can type “6” and it turns into “06” just fine.

BUT sometimes it isn’t highlighted, and instead places a blinking cursor in the field. It’s “12”. I click backspace. It’s now “1”. I click backspace so I can type “6”, but the second I do it becomes “12” again! Now (I think) I have to either hit backspace again to delete the “2” and type “6”, then–wait a minute, it becomes 4 because 16th hour is 4pm? THIS IS REALLY FRUSTRATING. Stop trying to be smarter than me and just be a normal text input field until I’ve clicked/tabbed out of it.

This! I feel you

Talking about hours - I’ve got another idea to make it better - please vote! WTH inputting values to time fields is so NOT mobile friendly?