WTH is the combined energy consumption /flow diagram wrong?

I have sensors for solar panels, a battery and mains power. The battery gets powered by mains power by night (if it’s under a certain level) and mostly by solar power by day.

Now in the morning the energy tab shows correct flows and combined house consumption. Mains power flows into the battery and to the house, and battery power flows into the house.
As soon as there is solar power involved, the calculation starts to break.

If there is more solar power than energy stored in the battery, the energy dashboard assumes ALL of what’s stored in the battery comes from solar and only the excess gets used directly. (Even though the same night mains power got fed into the battery too)
If there is less solar power than stored in the battery, the dashboard assumes none of the solar power gets used directly, but all of it and also mains power gets fed into the battery (even though that day maybe actually none of it came from mains)

It’s a small issue, but couldn’t it be easily fixed if instead of using daily values, the energy dashboard would combine hourly or even quarter hourly values?! This way the display would be a lot more accurate and show more realistic energy flows and compositions.

Here’s a screenshot of today: your can see, between 5am and 6am, where there was obviously no solar power, energy got fed into the battery. However the corresponding line in the diagram is grayed out. Also the houses combined consumption is displayed incorrectly for that reason.