WTH is the hassio_audio container providing

Among 12 containers in my system (on a Intel Nuc) I see one called ‘hassio_audio’, but can’t find any information on what this is providing. That could of course be me not able to search, but I remember earlier questions on this subject that where not answered.

So can this be documented as it will be clear how and what this is?


It provide an audio interface/service to the rest of Home Assistant.

For example, one can install the Spotify Connect add-on from the Community Add-ons, hook up your device to a speaker or stereo and use it as a Spotify target.

Other options include, turning your device into a voice assistant using Ada. And many more other audio options.

The audio plugin allows to receive audio from multiple parts of the system at the same time and can mix those (and individually mix the different source channels), but also handles multiple physical input/outputs (e.g., a additional plugged in USB sound card).

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Thanks Frenck

Is configuration of this described within the topics of the audio related features?
I guess it requires a certain ‘address’ to route audio to the s/w in that container


That is automatically mapped, there is no configuration needed.

The container resolved the data from the host to map to the hardware. Things like add-ons have a selector for the audio devices to use in the add-on configuration.

Based on that, the add-on will automatically get mapped in an audio device to use.

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Thanks for this explanation Frenck

I’ve spend some time finding information on this and here it is.
That’s were this WTH is for

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