WTH is there no calendar for the Home Assistant events?

It would be great to have a calendar for the upcoming events related to Home Assistant, such as release parties, State of the Open Home, and others.

Something similar to the releases calendar on the main page of the developers’ blog.

Then we could subscribe to this calendar and no longer rely on YouTube notifications that are often late or don’t even get delivered.

You mean like the one on this page?

There’s a google calendar widget with an “add calendar” button so you can add it to the app of your choice.

It’s good to know there is one, but a) why is it not on the public site, why would you expect normal users to be looking for it on the developer site?

And b) it’s not the right thing, for example - it doesn’t list The State of the Open Home event in there. It’s clearly ONLY a calendar for Home Assistant release schedules.