WTH is there no "Check & restart home assistant" in the YAML configuration checker?

I anticipate tht the only reason anybody will click check config will be to do so before you hit restart (at least that is my use case).
Why dont we simply have a “Check and Restart” button
if people only want to check you can add a prompt with a countdown prior to restarting if the config is OK, so they skip the restart if they want.

to this:
(sorry for the ugly mouse handwriting)

Thanks @michaelblight for that this is great to know - I have been doing it wrong the whole time :joy:

EDIT 13/10/22: I just went to check my config today and noted that this has been updated with a bit more info to reduce confusion :+1::

The restart button under settings does do a check beforehand.


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I don’t always restart after I do a check.