WTH is there no 'Current power usage' on the energy dashboard?

My P1 meter has sensors for current total power and current power per group. I’d like to add those to the energy dashboard. Currently I only see energy (power over time) and AFAIK there is no way to add the current power usage. Current power usage per device would be nice as well, I do realize that current power is not the same as energy and that I would have to add my devices twice, one for kW and once for kWh.

Probably because energy dashboard uses accumulated energy and not a current power. Not all sensors give you both readings.

However it would be nice if the current power can be also added to this dashboard. For a time being you can add a some card to any dashboard. I monitor all three phases like this (colors are based on breaker rating):

Yeah, so maybe another option would be the possibility to add your own cards to the energy dashboard?

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The clue to this is in the name. It is the Energy dashboard, not the Power dashboard.

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I just found out that all cards on the energy dashboard are available for your own dashboards, so you could probably re-create the energy dashboard and add your own cards. … Energy Cards - Home Assistant . I have not tried it yet, just tried one card so far but not the entire view, but it looks promising.