WTH is there no (even) better circadian lighting support

As there is more and more proof that circadian lighting is healthy, it would be good to have a good circadian lighting platform. Happily there is of course the flux platform that does a great job. It would be good to give the flux platform some love however. Especially to better support regions further away from the equator (think Alaska / Antarctica / Canada / Scandinavia / Scotland / Siberia / South of Chili and Argentina)

  • There should be some overrides to make flux more more time based than sun position based. For example in winter when the sunsets early (in some regions for example at 3PM or so), the colortemp does get too warm too early. This will make you sleepy in the afternoon, while you still need to do some work. Thus make flux programmable so that it is less depended on the sun but more on your day.
    [EDIT] The custom Circadian lighting can do this by setting sunrise and sunset times to a fixed time.
  • It would be good to easily sets some specific mode, kind of a scene that overrides flux for a certain time. Of course this can be done with an automation that switches off flux and sets the color temperature for those lamps and when it is done re-enables flux again. However I like to have all related functions together. So if we can define these modes in flux and have some triggers to enable and disable these modes/scenes? (yes you still needs an extra automation for that, but all the circadian info, like color temperature will be in one place)

Duplicate. No it isn’t. Apologies for skimming, and not reading your post properly.

I do not agree that this is a duplicate. This a request to extend flux. While the other ask for some thing that flux already can do.

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We have it, search circadian lighting… FFS, why do people not SEARCH!!!

I’m going to be nice and post the link for you since you can’t seem to find it yourself…

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No need to search for it, I already know this custom component and I tried it. However it does not do what I am talking about. This custom component makes your lighting match your local lighting condition. This is totally not what I am asking for. I am requesting an extention to the build in component that match the color temperature to the your biologically rithm, which is time based and not sun based.

Hey man. Isn’t this forum all about things we want to bring up to the Home Assistant core team? Custom components in all glory of course.

Be nice and stay safe!


Sorry, it’s just that lately the majority of posts on this forum have been attributed to people not searching and it’s driving me nuts.

This custom component makes your lighting match your local lighting condition.

No, it’s his default configuration,but you can specify fixed hours for sunset and sunrise, so it’s dont follow the natural rythme of the sun outside.

For example, in my configuration, the sunset is approximately when I usually go to bed.
The sunrise is early because a bright light in the morning help me to wake up.

This circadian cycle has nothing to do about where I live, or when we are in the year.

    sunrise_time: "05:00:00"
    sunset_time:  "23:00:00"
    min_colortemp: 2300
    max_colortemp: 7000

As @Coninoxx showed you can configure fixed times instead of following the sun.
There are also studies showing that light is the most important zeitgeber for a circadian clock, so if you have a more or less “normal” work schedule and live not too far away from the equator, the sun light is a good way to adjust light brightness for the circadian rythm.

I did not know that the custom circadian lighting could override the sunrise and senset time do that. That is a useful feature.

There’s also some use if template sensors that allow you to fully customize what happens and when…

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I never liked templates very much. But now that I see how powerful it can be, together with automations, I have to change my mind and I do like it more and more :slight_smile:

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I know this is an older thread, but if I bumped into it maybe others will and may find this helpful.
I’ve been looking around at this now, so thought I might add to the list. Flux was a bit of a disaster for me. It didn’t pickup my sunset and sunrise properly. Circadian Lighting hasn’t been updated for almost a year
I settled on Adaptive Lighting. This project is regularly updated, has a HA integration and is UI configurable. It seems to work well for me after a couple of weeks of use.

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Also a good forum thread for it.

I’ve been using it for a while and it’s good, nice and easy to set up.


I would like flux to just work… when I tried it, it messed with my automations… occasionally when an automation turned a light off… a few seconds later it would turn back on!!! nothing in the logs either, so I had to turn flux off in the end

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@stryker Try Adaptive Lighting instead. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with it once you get it setup

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I agree.

Tried flux first but there were multiple minor issues. Adaptive lighting fixed all of them and there were additional features also.

Biggest obstacle was installing HACS, after it started working I had set up flux replacement within GUI in 5 minutes.

E: If I understood correctly, adaptive lighting is pending to be integrated into base ha installation