WTH is there no permission system so I can limit certain users to certain pages?

I’ve run across so many situations where I need some way to limit what pages/menus show up depending on the user or use case, and every time I ask about it, I usually get some really complicated instructions about building my own web frontend. HA already has a user system - all it needs is a way to limit views/dashboards based on those users!

Here are a few use-cases (which I must say, seem very legitimate to me), that I simply cannot find any relatively easy way to implement:

  1. I would like my kids to be able to control and monitor a subset of things in my home. For example media controls for certain areas in the house, sensors, etc. I do not want them to have the ability to go into the menu and see logs and other advanced functionality or switch away from the dashboard I have made for them. I can’t figure out how to easily do this.
  2. The guests that stay in my home will sign into the guest wifi and are then redirected to a page after logging in that gives them helpful information. I would like to send them a custom dashboard so they can set A/C controls for their room, see certain conditions and cameras around the house, read helpful notes about the coffee pot or the alarm system, show them the upcoming weather for our area, etc. But I do not want them to have access to all of my dashboards and see all of the sensors in the home, or have access to a menu to go into other pages. I can’t figure out how to easily do this.
  3. It is becoming increasing popular to utilize wall panels as built-in controls (such as mounted tables or the hacks for the NSPanel that have come out recently). But when you install the app or use a browser, you will need to log in and I would like for these wall panels to not have access to the side menu with logs and whatnot. I’d also like to have a specific set of dashboards that people can use from the wall mounted panel. I can’t figure out how to easily do this.

Please add the ability for users (or maybe groups of users?) to be restricted to certain dashboards (along with a checkbox that says whether they should have access to the menu on the left). This would enable some really great solutions for guests, kids, aging parents, wall panels, etc.

Closing duplicate. Please vote here: WTH2 - WTH!? No RBAC - Role Based Access Control? (Users & Groups rights)