WTH is there no search option in the radio browser?

I love the radio browser that has been added not that long ago. It is however terrible to find a radio station. A simple search bar for search all/search per category would drastically make the use experience more “streamlined”.

YES! This would be great! So many great stations in the list. Would also like to mark “Favorites”.


May I add some clarification about the scope of this request?

This does not need to be a music library or iTunes. The Radio Browser is an extensive (HUGE) library of radio stations. It’s really quite impressive. To use these stations does require a little bit of research, listening, and deciding which stations to use/listen to. I scroll these long long lists of stations and find a cool eclectic station then I have to navigate away from it then find it again to integrate it into any automation etc. Being able to flag (Favorite) them allows users to actually use this tool more because of the ease of use. I know I would use this tool all the time if I could flag my favorites and view them.

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I absolutely agree with the favorite part. That would already bring so much more accessibility since it would bring the manual searching back to just once.

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Ah yes, searching would make it a lot easier to find a radio station of which you know (part of) the name, but not sure in which category/folder/country it is.

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Even if you know in which category/folder/country it is. scrolling through those lists for “Radio Roma”, which is obviously (to me) in Italy takes way longer than it should.

Its absolutely awesome that we have so many radiostations at our fingertips… but it comes with a cost.


Agree, it becomes useless, right now im looking for pulsradio 2000, i know its there, but i`m unable to find it…

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You can make buttons for your favorite Radio channels.

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The Radio browser is still more than garbage,
There is no way for me to find “Radio Veronica”
Thats the only one I use and it’s just not there

It took me way to long to find but it is there between radio vastelaovend and radio wereldwind. Without a logo.

But yeah the point is that searching is more difficult than needed.

Happened to me too, do you have any idea. Right now my HA is stopping randomly I don’t know why?

Why is it that some radios are present on the RadioBrowser website but not available in its HA integration? :thinking:

La Patate Douce

France Info

We could try to use the API, which can be also used by assist: http://all.api.radio-browser.info

I’ll try some queries and post my experience :upside_down_face:

check this out… the code fetches the station with the best quality and plays it on your media_player…


    url: "{{ url }}"
    method: GET
    content_type:  'application/json; charset=utf-8'


alias: radio-browser
description: ""
  - platform: conversation
      - play radio {name}
condition: []
  - service: rest_command.api_search
      url: >-
        trigger.slots.name.replace(' ', '_') 
    response_variable: api_search_summary
    enabled: true
  - alias: Parse data
      api_extract_name: "{{ api_search_summary['content'][0]['name'] }}"
      api_extract_url: "{{ api_search_summary['content'][0]['url'] }}"
    enabled: true
  - set_conversation_response: playing {{ api_extract_name }}
  - service: media_player.play_media
      entity_id: media_player.<YOUR PLAYER ID>
      media_content_id: "{{ api_extract_url }}"
      media_content_type: audio/mpeg
mode: single